Details Of Our British Craftsmanship

Best of British. Bespoke.


The State of Grace

Best of British. Bespoke.

We invite you to a unique kaleidoscopic journey

through The State of Grace creative process.

Do you ever wonder just what goes on behind-the-scenes in the creation

of our bespoke garments and accessories?

To discover the secrets, come with us on a dazzling demonstration

of the time, care and multiple skills that are dedicated to fashioning

The State of Grace design.

And please remember, nothing about these inspired activities is

derivative, imported or generic.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality possible, we draw on the

best of British talent, a talent that is once again, the envy of the world.

Couture and Craftsmanship

Unique among the burgeoning British fashion field,

The State of Grace has become the only couture house in London

to offer bespoke garment and accessory design, personalised styling

and expert hair and make-up.

Inspired by the style and individuality of each client.

Concept and Design

The beginning of the journey…

Starts with an illustrated concept inspired by our meetings and conversations with you:

Technical Precision

Our skilled professional experts create a bespoke toile for you,

that then produces your bespoke pattern:

Bespoke Pattern          Bespoke Toile

Colour and Fabric

We help you choose your own luxurious fabric in the perfect colour,

texture and print for you (or we’ll create it especially):

Production and Fittings

With meticulous measurements taken and the creative vision defined,

we hand over to the flawless work of our seamstresses and fitters:

Detailing and Embellishing

Lavishly hand-embroidered fabrics, exquisitely intricate appliqué and

dazzling beadwork, all combine to mesmerize…

Hand Working






Behind the Scenes of Styling

and Accessorising

The State of Grace style team now focus their skills and expertise on your overall styling.

Specifically, the creation of your personalised accessories.

These include: vintage and bespoke jewellery, shoes and shoe adornment,

veils, hats and hair-pieces, boleros, capes, coats and shrugs, belts,

bags and broaches, tassels, bustles and trains and more!

We deploy old-fashioned classical techniques with state of the art resources,

to give just the right amount of fashion forward edge:

The Creation of Bespoke Accessories

Accessorising and Adorning

Hollywood Styling



Head Turning


Limitless possibilities to inspire, engage and evoke

your very own beauty and style.

Best of British.          Best of you.

Take Control of Quality. Demand the Best of British.

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Have the expertise of The State of Grace team.

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