About the Founder and Creative Director

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More than a designer; more than a stylist; more than a personal shopper…

Lucia Silver marries these qualities with her own personal magic, and creates an exquisitely individual look, outfit or wardrobe that captures your unique style.

Lucia read English and French literature at Oxford University. From the strategic and visual world of advertising where she led award-winning campaigns as a European Account Director, she identified a growing need for a highly personalised design and styling service that met the requirements of the modern day woman.

With influences from the icons and couturiers of the 20s, 30s and 40s, she succeeds in bringing together practical intelligence with a signature timeless romanticism that each woman can make her own.

“Many women are frustrated with what is on offer on the high street, because it does not reflect their style; how they feel and how they wish to express themselves.

Many women are looking for particular colours, cuts and details that they simply cannot find off the peg. Worst of all, when and if they do find something they like, it is so mass-manufactured, that they then find someone else is wearing the same thing!” says the designer.