Creating Individual Shoes for Individual Women

The State of Grace offers a head to toe bespoke design and styling service so that means shoes too!

Our carefully designed core collection is just a start where you can:

  • Choose your style. We have suggested day, evening and wedding styles for you to choose from, although any of the styles can be tailored to suit your taste.
  • Heel Height. You can start with an easy to wear 1″1/2, or go straight for a lofty 4″ or something in between.
  • Leather. Our range of carefully handpicked finest kid skins, calf skins, suede’s, buckskin & mock exotic skins show the quality we can give to every pair of shoes we make.
  • Fabric. We also have a vast range of quality satin, mesh and velvet fabrics to choose from. Many are identical to our couture dress fabrics so a perfect match.
  • Heel Finish. You can choose to have wooden heels or we can match the upper fabric or leather.